'You're sick of your daughter. Ham So-won-Evolution couple controversy → video deleted
'You're sick of your daughter. Ham So-won-Evolution couple controversy → video deleted
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Photo ='Evolution & Mama TV' post capture
Photo = YouTube'Evolution & Mama TV' post capture

Broadcaster Ham So-won and her husband Evolution released a video of visiting the emergency room with their daughter, but when criticism poured out, the video was deleted.

On the 23rd, a video titled'Why is Hyejeong crying?' was posted on the YouTube channel'Evolution & Mama TV' operated by Ham Sowon.

In the released video, Ham So-won and Jin-jin couple head to the hospital with their daughter Hye-jung complaining of leg pain. In the process, Ham So-won looked at the camera and said, "We have to close the hospital and go to the emergency room." He also explained, "I think my daughter got hurt while getting out of bed."

When the couple arrived at the emergency room, they received the reception, and after the examination, the process of receiving medical treatment was captured on the camera. In this process, it was a babysitter who carried her daughter, and Sowon Ham and Jinjin focused on making a comment to fill the audio while filming.

When the video was released, criticism from netizens raged. ‘I have to go to the emergency room, but I don’t understand the video’ There were fewer comments.

As the controversy grew,'Evolution & Mama TV' on the 28th deleted the video.

Ham So-won and Jin-hwa married couple Hye-jeong after overcoming the age gap of 18 in 2018. Later, on TV Chosun's'The Taste of a Wife That Is Nowhere in the World', the daily life was revealed, but as a mother and father, it was pointed out that they did not take care of their children properly while leaving the child to the babysitter.

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