Lee Chan-won, revealing healthy recent situation
Lee Chan-won, revealing healthy recent situation
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Photo = Lee Chanwon SNS
Photo = Lee Chanwon SNS

Lee Chan-won revealed his healthy status.

On the 25th, on Christmas Day, Lee Chan-won had time to communicate with fans through his SNS live. As soon as he turned on the live broadcast, more than 6,000 people connected, gaining extraordinary popularity.

He sang carols, greeted the fans, and said, "Nice to meet you. Merry Christmas. Happy Christmas." "This year's Christmas may not have the same atmosphere as usual, but I hope that it will be a happy Christmas." I expressed my gratitude to

Lee Chan-won showed the kindness of answering the fans' posts on this day. As for the health that many fans worry about, he said, "I'm fine. I'm really, really healthy."

Trotmen's friendship also shone. In the post of Jang Min-ho's "Chan Won-ah, have a good night for the rest of Christmas. I'm going to sleep well," he said, "Minho hyung, have a good night. Good night" and boasted a special friendship. When Jung Dong-won sent a message, he rejoiced, saying, "Did Dong-won come?" Then, "Dongwon, why didn't you contact me. Why didn't you speak and only laugh?"

Lee Chan-won said, "Recently, Christmas can be lonely and lonely due to various circumstances, but let's try hard to overcome and overcome Corona 19, Korean people and self-employed people." I wish you a happy and good job in the year."

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