'Gamsung Camping' Han Yoon-seo "Second Santa Park Na-rae in my life, luxury bag and necklace gift"
'Gamsung Camping' Han Yoon-seo "Second Santa Park Na-rae in my life, luxury bag and necklace gift"
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Photo = JTBC'Gamsung Camping' broadcast capture
Photo = JTBC'Gamsung Camping' broadcast capture

Comedian Han Yoon-seo expressed his gratitude to his senior, Park Na-rae.

In JTBC's'Gamsung Camping', which aired on the 25th, Yoon Gyun-sang, Yang Se-chan, and Han Yoon-seo, known as best friends of Park Na-rae, appeared as guests.

The members of Gamseong Camping, who created a Christmas atmosphere by decorating the tree together, shared their memories of Christmas. Han Yoon-seo said, "I spent Christmas every year at Narae Bar."

He said, "My father put a Christmas present until I was in the second grade of middle school. The second Santa in my life is Santa Park. Na-rae Park gave me a luxury bag," he said, creating a surprise. Yang Se-hyung said, "Probably, Yoon Seo's best gift is today. When Narae did this program, her first goal was to be with Yoon Seo," he said.

Han Yoon-seo suddenly started to get hot with gratitude. Han Yoon-seo, who couldn't control the feelings of being overwhelmed, shed tears, and Na-rae Park was confused, saying, "What's going on in broad daylight?" Young-mi Ahn said, "What tears come out like a fart popping out?" and caused laughter, and Na-rae Park advised, "If you cry in front of comedians, this will happen."

On this day's broadcast, Han Yoon-seo said, "After receiving a luxury bag from Narae, my sister hung a necklace at the year-end party, saying,'Yoon-seo, you only wear casual clothes every day. I'm sorry that you do this. "I got it from Park Na-rae," he said, but the staff also asked Narae for pocket money, so I spent a lot of money."

Han Yoon-seo said, "The next day, I contacted the manager and found out that Narae had spent a lot of money because of me. I apologized to my sister for dropping a cuddle and said,'No, I still wanted to give it to you, but thanks to you, I think I wrote it nicely. He said, "It's okay to drop a cubic tablet," he recalled at the time. He cried and told a touching story, but the camchins unintentionally participated in the challenge to endure laughter at Han Yoon-seo's tears and laughed.

Then Ahn Young-mi asked Na-rae Park, "I'm curious about why Yun-seo caught my eyes among many juniors," Park Na-rae said, "When I do the gag corner, I care a lot about the props, but even if the production team didn't work, Yun-seo somehow came to me. 4 years. Since we have been together for over a period of time, this friend is not only good at taking care of props, but as a comedian, he has good ideas and is a friend who takes good care of himself.” He expressed his belief in Han Yoon-seo. Yang Se-hyung also sympathized with Park Na-rae saying, "What kind of senior and what kind of junior you meet is really important."

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