Kwon Mi-jin reveals full-term pictorial "17kg increase after pregnancy...
Kwon Mi-jin reveals full-term pictorial "17kg increase after pregnancy...
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Photo = Kwon Mijin SNS
Photo = Kwon Mijin SNS

Comedian Mijin Kwon released a full-term pictorial with her handsome husband.

On the 23rd, Kwon Mi-jin posted a full-term pictorial on his SNS with an article titled'A full-term photo taken on the 31st week'.

In the photo, Mijin Kwon is wearing a bling-bling dress and revealing a beautiful full-term D-line. The beautiful smiles of the prospective parents, Kwon Mi-jin and her handsome husband, attract attention.

Kwon Mi-jin said,'I got pregnant right after my diet and I gained 17 kg more than my weight at that time. I'll get more steam on the rest of the day.' He said, ‘I’ve been making a reservation for a cesarean section because I’m inverse.’

Meanwhile, Kwon Mi-jin gained a lot of attention by losing weight by nearly 50kg through the'Health Girl' corner of KBS2's'Gag Concert'. For 9 years, he has maintained a weight in the 50kg range without a yo-yo, and in August married his boyfriend, a construction industry worker, and became pregnant. The expected date of childbirth is next February.

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