'Trossine' Kang Moon-young, won the final title
'Trossine' Kang Moon-young, won the final title
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Photo = SBS'Trotshin Outing 2-Last Chance' broadcast capture
Photo = SBS'Trotshin Outing 2-Last Chance' broadcast capture

Kang Moon-kyung won the final championship of'Trotshin Outing 2'.

In the final final of SBS'Trotshin Outing 2-Last Chance' broadcast on the 23rd, the appearance of Kang Moon-gyeong being selected as the final one was spread.

On this day, the winner of the'Trossine' final was decided by adding up to 50% of the Trotsin score and 50% of real-time text voting. The winner's prize money was 100 million won.

The first half stage of the final was the duet stage with TOP6 and Trotsine. Bae A-Hyun and Nam-Jin, who were the first stages, selected'Breast Heart'. Woojin Choi and Hyunmi Joo sang'Youngdonggyo in the Rain' by Hyunmi Joo,'Borit Pass' by Moonkyung Kang and Jinsung Jinsung, Suil Yun Sooil Seolundo and Bomhan Han, and Jinhee Choi's'Parting of Teacup' Son Bin-ah and Jang Yoon-jeong were in harmony with the green zone's ‘farewell without preparations’, and finally Na Sang-do and Kim Yeon-ja were ‘Is it true?’

The second half of the finals was then decorated with personal missions. Bae A-Hyun set up the stage with'Chorip-dong' of the golden heart, Choi Woo-jin was Na Hoon-ah's'Return Youth', and Kang Moon-gyeong set the stage with Lee Tae-ho's'Father's River'. Han Bom sang Song Hyun-seop's'Please live for a long time', Son Bin-ah sang Park Jung-sik's'Thousand Years Rock', and Na Sang-do sang Na Hoon-ah's'Why do you cry?'

After the voting was over, Jang Yoon-jung said, "There are results that exceed expectations," raising questions. The final result was Woojin Choi in 6th place, Ahyeon Bae in 5th place, and Binah Son in 4th place. The third place was Hanbom. Only Na Sang-do and Kang Moon-kyung remain. The final winner was Kang Moon-kyung.

Kang Moon-kyung, who won the final championship of'Trotshin Outing 2', was confused by the unexpected result. He said, "I am grateful to my mother and father. I sang a song about my mother in the first round and a song about my father in the final stage. It was a song that had a lot of meaning. My parents asked me to live hard in their own place. Thank you for such parents." And shed tears.

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