'Unbelievable' Koo Bon-seung, tears at the story of the late Choi Jin-young
'Unbelievable' Koo Bon-seung, tears at the story of the late Choi Jin-young
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Photo = SBS'Burning Youth' broadcast capture
Photo = SBS'Burning Youth' broadcast capture

Koo Bon-seung shed tears as he recalled the late Choi Jin-young.

On the 22nd aired on SBS'Burning Youth', Kang Hyun-soo appeared as Oh Seung-eun's friend. While Kang Hyun-soo continued to sing improvised at the request of everyone, Koo Bon-seung suddenly recalled that "(Choi) Jin-young has a song called'Eternal' of SKY sung by his brother, and that rap was sung by Hyun-soo."

When Kang Hyun-soo sang'Eternal', Koo Bon-seung sang along. But in the end, it blew up. He seemed to be thirsty, but he tried to hide his emotions and recouped again and continued singing.

Koo Bon-seung poured out tears he had endured, saying, "I remembered Jinyoung's brother." He said, "I didn't know how to sing this song all of a sudden," and said, "I couldn't go back then. When my brother did that, I couldn't go."

Koo Bon-seung said, "The song'Eternal' is like Jinyoung's alter ego." He sat alone on the empty floor, calming the feelings of sadness. He followed, "I'm not the kind of person that's like that, but he's always been fighting." did.

When asked, "I didn't have a relationship in my life, what kind of person was it?" Choi Min-yong said, "He was a manly brother who was hot and cool in character," and "we drank a lot of alcohol and went to play together."

When Kang Kyung-heon asked, "Do you have any luck like this after that," Koo Bon-seung said, "It was a bit like that at that time."

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