Horny B2B fans "Retire from team defamation Jung Il-hoon team on charges of habitual drug attack"
Horny B2B fans "Retire from team defamation Jung Il-hoon team on charges of habitual drug attack"
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Photo = Jung Ilhoon SNS
Photo = Jung Ilhoon SNS

B2B fans demanded that Jung Il-hoon, who is under police investigation for inhaling cannabis, be expelled from the team.

On the 21st, the B2B Gallery side said, "It is a deceptive treatment to the fans who have been supporting since their debut in 2012, and it is impossible to tolerate it for any reason." I strongly urge the entertainment side. It is emphasized that the agency side of the agency to expel Jung Il-hoon from the group as soon as possible will emphasize fulfilling its true role."

Fans said, "There is no reason to support the singer who is suspected of being a'conventional drug', and I just hope that B2B's reputation will not be damaged by Jung Il-hoon anymore." It is a firm declaration that I will not consume or accept it.”

Earlier this year, Jung Il-hoon was caught on charges of inhaling cannabis during a drug investigation by the police. The police discovered that Jung Il-hoon had inhaled cannabis with his acquaintances from four to five years ago to last year, based on the statements and account traces of his accomplices. In addition, despite a police investigation being underway, he entered the training center on May 28 and began working as a social worker, and is under suspicion of enlisting in the army of the province of refuge.

B2B's agency Cube Entertainment said, "As reportedly, Jung Il-hoon was summoned to an investigating agency for smoking cannabis and was confirmed to be under investigation." I will do my best to the end so that I can," he said.

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