"Singer Gain" Judge Stirred No. 30 Singer "Like when Seo Taiji first appeared"
"Singer Gain" Judge Stirred No. 30 Singer "Like when Seo Taiji first appeared"
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Photo = JTBC'Singa Gain' broadcast capture
Photo = JTBC'Singa Gain' broadcast capture

Singer Gain's'Rite of the Age' Singer No. 63 and Singer No. 30 met. The winner was Singer No. 63 with 5:3.

At JTBC's'Sing Again' broadcast on the 21st, the final round 3 rivalry was held. The highlight of the broadcast on this day was the face-to-face confrontation between singers No. 63 and No. 30, which are gathering topics every time.

Before starting the stage, Yoo Hee-yeol expressed his anticipation, saying, "Don't these guys say they'll stick someday?"

No. 63 selected Lee Moon-se's'Whistle', saying, "I will fight the fear that I will not be able to do an emotional ballad." As soon as he started singing, he captured the hearts of the judges with an appealing voice and extraordinary sensibility.

The choice of No. 30 was Lee Hyo-ri's'City Chitty Bang Bang'. Appearing without a guitar this time, he reinterpreted the song in his own color.

As soon as the stage was over, Yoo Hee-yeol was astonished, "What is it. I don't know where the genealogy is. I did a song at the audition that I didn't know because it was so unfamiliar. I was curious about what kind of music I was playing."

"It's not that it's not bad that it's weird. If you stand up from here, you can become an unrivaled existence. This was when Seo Tae-ji and the children first came out. I thought it was weird when Jang Ki-ha, children, and Gukkasten first came out," he said. He raised the possibility of being a singer and praised it as "The amazing thing is that we have been playing music for nearly 40 years here, and we have been playing music in the midst of active music, and we have asked'questions'. That is great."

Singer No. 63, who entered the fourth round, expressed his feelings, "It feels good to fight the fear inside me and win rather than a confrontation with singer No. 30." Singer No. 30 expressed his willingness to push his own music color, saying, "It was the motto to accept dislike."

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