'People of Trot' Kim Jae-rong, Top 8 with'Chlgapsan'... Jinsung "Song contains art spirit"
'People of Trot' Kim Jae-rong, Top 8 with'Chlgapsan'... Jinsung "Song contains art spirit"
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Photo = MBC'Trot's Nation' broadcast capture
Photo = MBC'Trot's Nation' broadcast capture

Comedian Kim Jae-rong received a sincere praise for'Chlgapsan'.

Participants showed their personal mission stage in MBC's'Trot's Nation', Korea's first'K-trot' regional competition, aired on the 18th.

On this day, Jae-rong Kim of'Trot Playboy' introduced, "My mother prepared medicinal bellflowers" for the contest, and sang the song'Chlgapsan' for her mother. He eliminated the laughter and played the game only with songs, and the judges' admiration with his desperate and appealing sensibility.

Jin-seong, who watched the stage, praised "the more I see Mr. Jae-rong, the more I feel new things. Comedians sang a lot in other contests, but this was the first time they opened my ears. The song itself also contains the spirit of art."

Judge Jeong Gyeong-cheon, the original songwriter who made'Chilgap Mountain', praised Kim Jae-rong's'Chilgap Mountain', saying, "Yoon Hee-sang, Ju Byeong-sun and many other singers sang this song, and it was the best among them."

As a result of the screening, Jae-Rong Kim received 1840 points and was decided to advance to the TOP8. Jeon Hyun-moo was astonished with "The Great Rebellion", and Tak Jae-hoon said, "Is it going to come out as'Gimlong' next time?" Lee Yong-jin also cheered for Kim Jae-rong, saying, "There are three major Kims in the music industry. Sam Kim, Paul Kim, and Long Kim."

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