'No. 1'Shim Jin-hwa "diet + test tube, no children, is the will of heaven
'No. 1'Shim Jin-hwa "diet + test tube, no children, is the will of heaven
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Shim Jin-hwa confided about the pain caused by infertility.

On the night of the 13th, JTBC's'I Can't Be #1' came to the house of Kang Jae-jun and Lee Eun-hyung, the 7th couple Shim Jin-hwa-Kim Won-hyo, and the 13th couple Hong Yun-hwa-Kim Min-ki to do housewarming.

When Kang Jae-joon said, "All three couples have no children," Shim Jin-hwa said, "If you have a baby, you will raise them all too well."

“We now thought,'I have to have a child unconditionally', but after I got married, I gained 28kg, and everyone was stressed out because I had gained weight and didn't have children, so I lost more than 20kg of weight."

He said, "I did diet and test tubes, but since I didn't have children, it was so unfair and stressful."

Hong Yun-hwa also said, "Isn't life going according to plan? After getting married, everyone asks why they don't have babies."

Shim Jin-hwa also expressed her unwavering affection for her husband. He said, "At first, I didn't like (Kim Won-hyo) at all, and I didn't even think of meeting a man because it was a difficult time in life.

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