'Dog Bone' Hwang Seok-Jeong, "Really Cool Guy" Storms Favor
'Dog Bone' Hwang Seok-Jeong, "Really Cool Guy" Storms Favor
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Photo = Capture of Channel A'Dog Bone'

Hwang Seok-jeong expressed favor with Ji-Ryeol.

In Channel A's'Dog Bone', which aired on the 13th, Cho Hye-ryeon invited female entertainers Jo Eun-sook, Hwang Seok-jeong, and Lee Yeon-soo to form a'Lady's' member.

When the first member Cho Eun-sook, invited by Jo Hye-ryeon, appeared, Park Myung-soo praised him as "I resemble the idol Hyuna," and Kim Goo-ra shouted out and laughed, saying, "Why are you talking about that?" In the end, Jo Hye-ryeon said, "Stop barking."

Jo Eun-sook, who appeared in the past Lee Seong-jae and drama'Yester Day', greeted happily. Lee Seong-jae was surprised, saying, "Is Eun-sook born in 70?" and Jo Eun-sook said, "I didn't interact with my colleagues a lot in the past. But I think my personality has changed after having a child."

Cho Hye-ryeon said, "Last time I saw Mr. Sang-ryul Ji's marrying project, let's try to connect it," he arranged for an instant icon contact with unmarried Lee Yeon-soo and Hwang Seok-jeong.

After the icon contact with Hwang Seok-jung, Sang-ryul Sang said, "I have no feelings," and Seok-jung Hwang said, "I had a feeling. I worked hard to live. I think (Ji Sang-ryul) is a really cool guy." Next is Yeonsu Lee and Icon Contact. Lee Yeon-soo laughed, saying, "I thought it would be funny because it was a funny image in general, but I am very sad."

Hwang Seok-jeong said, "There were a lot of people who wanted to (marry), but all of them weren't good. When I struck me, I pushed it out, but when I left my heart, it came to me."

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