Mi-rye Kim confesses tears in'Salimnam 2'
Mi-rye Kim confesses tears in'Salimnam 2'
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Photo = Capture of KBS2'Saving Men Season 2'

Actor Jeong Seong-yoon and comedian Kim Mi-ryo confessed to their second son's fight against rare diseases.

In KBS 2TV'Salim Men Season 2 (Salimnam 2)' broadcast on the 12th, the second appearance of Aeon-gun's rare disease was depicted in the midst of the couple's first appearance by Sung-yoon Jeong and Mi-ryo Kim.

Sung-yoon Jeong and Mi-rye Kim took Aeon-kun to the hospital and had an eye test. Kim Mi-ryo recalled the past, saying, "People get greedy. At first, I said'just let me live'." Jeong Seong-yoon explained, "As soon as I was born, I received a child and called him there. "There is a hole in the roof of the mouth. The child has unstable breath."

Jeong Seong-yoon confessed, "At first I was embarrassed. It would be okay soon. But I said I had to go right away. Because my breathing was unstable, I intubated my airways. I said,'I can't get past tonight' because my child is too small."

Kim Mi-ryo shed tears, saying, "Is there anything I made a mistake when the child was in the stomach? I felt like I became garbage because the child did that."

Jeong Seong-yoon confessed, "I was genetically deficient in collagen. It is a rare disease worldwide. Retina, eardrum, optic nerve, joints, etc. may cause problems in the future."

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